raggle sticks, IWI International Wood Industries

Custom Raggle Sticks

IWI Raggle Sticks eliminate the problems associated with shipping PVC pipes, solar industry products, and much more. Made of either solid lumber or plywood, Raggle Sticks are placed between layers of product, securely cradling them on precision carved notches that provide exceptional stability to both the package and its contents.

The cutouts (or raggles) are custom-cut on our CNC router for a perfect fit. Used either vertically, horizontally or both, they can secure any size pipe or product that requires extra-durable packaging. Additionally, since Raggle Sticks intuitively guide employees as to how they should be placed, training is quick and easy. Improve your business’s bottom line with freight savings, decreased labor costs, and less in-plant maintenance of packaging equipment. A single Raggle Stick fixture constitutes the total initial equipment investment. Raggle Sticks are a production supervisor’s answer to how best to utilize entry-level labor, save money and please their customers — all at the same time. Contact us for guidance from the experts at IWI.

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