Motorcycle Crate

Motorcycle Crates

Whether you’re a motorcycle manufacturer or private dealer, International Wood Industries motorcycle shipping crates are built to fit a wide range of makes and models, styles and sizes.

IWI motorcycle crates are available in three standard sizes to fit virtually any motorcycle or ATV, and all crates can be knock-down, disassembled quickly, then reassembled with ease. Each is built with durable plywood panels for weather-resistance. Tire chocking blocks and crate braces add security to each crate. Strapping hardware is also available and includes cam straps and eye bolts for added stability and reliability.

Standard sizes:

IWI can also custom-build motorcycle crates to provide a perfectly designed fit for your motorbike or ATV. If your machine won’t fit into one of our standard-sized crates, contact us and we’ll build and accessorize a custom crate to your exact specifications.

Need to ship your motorcycle overseas? We're IPPC-ISPM 15-compliant for export shipment anywhere in the world.

Motorcycle Crate